The immortal Part
Genre : Romans
Publié le : 29/08/2019
Résumé de l'oeuvre :
Brittany 1945. Émile d’Astell, a young country squire, joined the RAF in 1941, became a bomber pilot on a Wellington, was shot down over Germany in 1942, and spent the rest of the war in an oflag (POW camp for officers). He was liberated in June 1945. His home is an elegant XVIIIth century building, a manor house situated on the banks of the river Vilaine near the town of Ploerdon. Upon his return, he finds it severely damaged, and is faced with all the problems of restoration. Will Émile go back to Athalia, the elegant female lawyer whose love enchanted his weekends before the war ? Will he, on the contrary, fall for Véronique, the wild teenager, now transformed into a vivacious and sexy young woman ? And who, or what is this cruel and mysterious animal who attacks and kills children in an area surrounding Émile’s house ?
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